RadheShyam Hope Charity is created to help the needy and poor. The origins of the Charity stem from Hindu belief that the highest form of charity is to feed a hungry stomach. The Charity will provide food and water to the needy and poor. Given Hindu beliefs, the food will remain vegetarian on all occasions. Eggs, fish, any sea food or any form of meat will not be offered or prepared.

The charity also aims to expand its work by providing other items of daily use to the poor. These may range from pots and pans, any electrical items, clothes, any electronic items, or any other item that is deemed appropriate for the needs of the poor. Cash will never be given.

The charity also aims to spread the words of love and sacrifice as described in the holy scriptures. The charity will also endeavour to support or build Hindu temples, provide religious books, organise religious events like prayers or gatherings in the UK and India. At present the Charity is primarily able to cater to the poor in Greater Manchester Region and Northern India. It is hoped that with time, we will be able to extend our hand further afield. We have managed to extend a hand to the refugees in Calais in April 2016.


Give hope to those who need it most!

Give your helping hand to those who need it!

Our Mission: