The purposes of the charity are:

1. Relief of poverty: The trustees or their appointees would donate food to the poor and vulnerable. These could be in the form of uncooked food such as rice, tinned cans or cooked food, preferably hot food. The food will be vegetarian under all circumstances.

2. Relief of those in need due to financial hardship: The trustees or their appointees could donate any items that poor need, but cash will not be given. The items donated may be pots or pans, warm clothes, any electronic items, or any other item that is deemed appropriate at that time considering the poor persons’ circumstances.

3. Advancement of religion: The trustees or their appointees could use funds to support building Hindu temples, religious books or for organising religious events like prayers or gatherings in the UK and India.

Future visions of the charity:­

1. International charity work: One of the future ambitions of the charity is to conduct charity work in India. Besides the above purposes, volunteers may support educational needs of the poor children. This may include paying for their annual tuition fees, buying books or stationery.

2. We aim for charity to be registered with The Charity Commission in 2016-17. We are registered with HMRC, UK with registration number EW41353.

3. The charity may organise fundraising events locally or in India in future.

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to serve the community by spreading the word of Peace, Love and Wisdom according to the principles of Hinduism in Manchester, UK.

Hinduism teaches us to care for others before oneself. To be able to serve the communities in India and UK, I and our founder trustees Minakshi Sharma, Nidhi Khanna and Dr Dinesh Khanna have set up this charity: RadheShyam Hope. Our charity is aimed at bring hope to those who need it most, the way Sudama needed Lord Krishna, the way Gokul needed Govardhan mountain. It is a shame that millions of people in India and UK sleep hungry at night, while many of us throw away left over food.


We should work together to share what we have with the needy. With that intention in mind, this charity will work on the principles of Hinduism and provide for the poor and needy. We believe that even if we can fill one hungry stomach each night, we shall consider ourselves fortunate to be born a human.

I welcome all those who wish to join hands with us in the fight against poverty and to feed and educate those who are born less fortunate than us.

Volunteering and extending a helping hand

Acharya Shyam Sunder Sharma

We strive to improve life for those in need.

We are always in the need of Volunteers who would help achieve the purposes of the charity. Volunteering may involve travelling with trustees or members to various parts of the UK, India or any European country for providing for the poor and needy. Volunteering may involve cooking and distribution of food, water, clothing or other items.

Volunteers could donate any items that poor need, but cash will not be given. The items donated may be utensils, clothes, electronic items, or anything that is deemed appropriate at that time considering the poor persons’ circumstances.

It is planned that bags of items would be created that would include various food items that have a long shelf life such as porridge, raw rice, lentils, canned beans and other vegetables, sugar, long life milk and oil. These bags would then be handed to the needy in their hostels, villages and if required, on the streets for people sleeping rough.

If you would like to volunteer for any activity that you think could be helpful in achieving the purposes of the charity, please feel free to Dr D Khanna at the number on the contacts page. Your support is most valued.

Other ways in which you can help

1. Donating food items: Please contact us if you have any food items that are in date and you are unlikely to use them. These may include items like: Rice (preferably raw), cans of beans, fruits, long life milk, frozen food, breakfast cereals or bars, pasta, pulses, sugar, oil etc. Kindly note we only accept, donate and distribute vegetarian food items. 

2. Donating items of daily living: Any used/unused electrical items, clothes, pots/pans that would be needed by the poor. These may include items like kettle, microwave, mugs/cups, unused toiletries, cutlery etc.

3. Donating directly to the HSBC charity account. We are registered with HMRC and can receive gift aid from any donations that you make. 

Account details: 
Name - Radheshyam Hope
Account number - 71516760
Sortcode - 40 31 20

You may also wish to donate cash or give a cheque to the charity. Kindly ask for a receipt if you are donating in cash. 

4. Providing physical inputs: We would love to have you travel with us when undertaking Charity work. You may wish to offer to drive us or travel with us, carry items to the needy, support us with organising events and meetings etc.

5. Any other: We are open to suggestions and would like to hear from you if you have any suggestions on how we can expand our help to more and more people.

Please do visit our Recent work page to know what we have done so far and and how you could join or support us. We welcome all suggestions and ideas to help others.

Our Mission and Aims

President of the Charity