At Manchester Cathedral on 24th April. Coffee4Craig, again, kindly let us join them. Hot food- Rice, mix veg curry and potato curry was served to dozens.

Charity members gathered donations for three different refuge centres in February 2017. We distributed food parcels for more than 40 peoples.

Every little helps and doing our bit for the Calais refugees was very rewarding. The team of Volunteers there is absolutely amazing, no words can describe their determination to help the needy. Respect for the team.

Nidhi and Dinesh donating food in Radcliffe, Bolton and Little Hutton. A colleague from Salford Council brought this to our attention. Refugees were from Eritrea and Gulf.

We received a call from Salford Social worker. One of our volunteers delivered food items to a local lady who has no food.

New Year's Day 2016: As part of the Charity work Nidhi and her husband Dinesh cooked some food for the poor and needy and donated that at Wellspring in Stockport, UK

We were informed of a local women's refuge that needed some food supplies especially milk. On 25th April, supplies were bought from local supermarket as much as the car boot could accommodate.

Next trip to the centre when they require more.

Another trip to the local Women's refuge centre. Founding members with other members of the charity on 23rd May 2016

Fundraising by Gayatri Kirtan Group, Manchester supporting the Charity in May 2016

On 3rd July at Manchester Cathedral with Coffee4Craig. Nidhi cooked Pasta for the needy.

At Manchester Cathedral on 2nd April distributing home made rice pudding. Thanks to Coffee4Craig for letting us join hands with their volunteers.

Charity members Renu Misra, Pranab Bhadra, Acharya Shyam Sunder Sharma and Nidhi Khanna appearing for Quays radio interview

Nidhi spreading awareness about the Charity at workplace with colleagues, informing them of the activities, principles and policies.

Managed to get into the jungle and gave a hand to the volunteers and donated some more food inside the jungle. Thankyou Kitchen in Calais for letting us be a part of you that day.

Our Work in UK and France